Top 10

  • "An award-winning national bestseller, Walking with the Wind is one of our most important records of the American Civil Rights Movement."

  • American Kingpin
    Nick Bilton

    "Filled with unforgettable characters and capped by an astonishing climax, American Kingpin might be dismissed as too outrageous for fiction. But it's all too real."

  • The Boys in the Boat
    Daniel James Brown

    If number one in "Boating" on Amazon doesn't convince you to pick up this book, then I don't know what will.

  • Humankind
    Rutger Bregman

    "When we think the worst of people, it brings out the worst in our politics and economics. But if we believe in the reality of humanity's kindness and altruism, it will form the foundation for achieving true change in society...."

  • Devil in the Grove
    Gilbert King

    "In recognizing the humanity of our fellow beings, we pay ourselves the highest tribute" - Thurgood Marshall

  • Just Mercy
    Bryan Stevenson

    "Not since Atticus Finch has a fearless and committed lawyer made such a difference in the American south. Though larger than life, Atticus exists only in fiction. Bryan Stevenson is very much alive and doing God's work fighting for the poor, the oppressed, the voiceless, the vulnerable, the outcast, and those with no hope. Just Mercy is his inspiring and powerful story.”

    John Grisham

  • Stillness is the Key
    Ryan Holiday

    "Stillness is what aims the archer's arrow. It inspires new ideas. It sharpens perspective and illuminates connections."

  • Destiny of the Republic
    Candice Millard

    "James Garfield may have been the most extraordinary man ever elected president. Born into abject poverty, he rose to become a wunderkind scholar, a Civil War hero, and a renowned and admired reformist congressman."

  • "Time is our biggest worry: there is too little of it. The acclaimed writer Oliver Burkeman offers a lively, entertaining philosophical guide to time and time management, setting aside superficial efficiency solutions in favor of reckoning with and finding joy in the finitude of human life."