Even if you don’t have an interest in rowing (which I had none), this story will pull you in and keep you cheering til the very end. Daniel James Brown tells the story of nine young men who truly shocked the world (and I hate this overused phrase as it currently is used in sports) on the biggest stage – the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin. But the narrative of how they got there by overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles is what makes this book special. Set in the Pacific Northwest at the University of Washington during the Great Depression, a team of boys from challenging backgrounds came together to rise to the top of sport that had long been dominated by the Ivy Leagues. The Boys in the Boat teaches us what can happen when a team comes together with hard work, grit, and pure determination. This is definitely a “long way home” type of book and I will admit to listening to the final race twice because it was so compelling. If you haven’t read this already, please move it to the top of your list.

  • Whitney
    2 years ago
    I liked this book a lot. Something about coming from a troubled youth and having to fight your way out to make something of yourself is inspiring. I also had no interest in rowing nor knew little about it.