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Four thousand weeks. That’s it. If you life to the age of the average American, then that is all you got here on this earth. If this is true for me then I only have 1750 weeks to go. I have some great things to show for my first 2250. Some things I’m really proud of. But I also have too many weeks that I have allowed to go to waste. I think each of us has a list of things we wish we would have done, a list of things we’d like to do, and a whole lot of hours focused on anything but those things. Although I have no regrets, I definitely want to make the most of what’s left!

I love Oliver Burkeman’s approach to the philosophy of time. He’s not going to teach you how to win the morning or get through your to-do list by noon every day while still climbing the ladder of success. By acknowledging, and embracing the fact that our lives are finite, we give ourselves the power to make better decisions about how to spend our time. And that time becomes more meaningful because we are more present – rather than focusing on what we are missing out on. By the end of the book you will look at time differently and have maybe have some new tools to make better decisions. He definitely changed the way I see the world!