Isabel Wilkerson uses the story of three families to illustrated the complexity and scope of the great migration of blacks out of the south. It is heartbreaking to read of the obstacles that these families met in their journey to escape the oppression of Jim Crow and find hope in the American Dream. I’m not sure of how to address the inequality that exists as a result of these conditions, but I can’t help but feel that we could do more address the challenges that came as a result. This is an important period of time in our Nation’s history that we could all understand better.

  • Whitney… continued
    2 years ago
    For many years but her family knew her. And the man on the railway cars picking oranges but expecting better pay… he also tried to make a better life for his family but his son ended up doing drugs anyways.
  • Whitney
    2 years ago
    I liked how the book focused on three different black families, all striving for the same thing, acceptance. I thought it was interesting how when the doctor finally made it to California and was going to treat that black woman at her house she refused because he was black. He finally made it out of the Jim Crow South but was still treated poorly in certain conditions. But he tried to prove himself with elaborate parties and gambling. I liked how the other woman made her life in Chicago and didn’t make it back for