As Christ hangs from the cross the Roman soldiers cast lots for the robe of the “King of the Jews.” Marcellus, a Roman Tribune, who is tasked to oversee the crucifixion is the winner. But touching the robe changes his life forever as he is haunted by the the Jew and the look of compassion and love that he sees in Christ’s face. He can think of nothing else and begins a journey to discover who was this man from Galilee. This journey takes Marcellus through the Holy Land and forces him to question everything he has lived and believed in his life. In his quest to comprehend the man who wore the simple garment, Marcellus sees that he must pursue a life of honor and faith and forces the reader to evaluate their commitment to do the same. I loved this early look at the church immediately after Christ’s death and the deep desire to understand His impact on the individual and the world as a whole. This is a book about finding the courage to follow Christ and live his teachings. I absolutely loved it.