For years I have considered this my favorite book and it is one of a few I have read multiple times. I have recommended it to many people with overall very positive feedback (though I have to say, from my experience, that men tend to like this one more than women). It is the story of a young British boy, Peekay, as he comes of age in apartheid South Africa around the time of WWII. The author, Bryce Courtenay, brings to life some very vivid characters including Grandpa Chook, the Judge, Professor von Vollensteen (Doc), his best friend Hymie, and Herr Pete. Peekay overcomes significant adversity as he seeks to become the welter-weight champion of the world. The relationship that Peekay develops with the Doc will touch your soul and inspire you to want to think deeper and explore your life more fully – “first with the head, then with the heart.” He shows us the power of one to change life for the better. This book is so well written and will forever be on my short list of must- reads. The audiobook is phenomenal

  • Whitney
    2 years ago
    Would I like it better if I listened? I read the hardback the first time.
    • Nate
      2 years ago
      The audiobook is phenomenal. Tough to say though