This book is more than just a look at what Bitcoin is, though it does an excellent job of doing that. It is a comprehensive review of the history of money and the monetary policies that have brought us to our current state. There is so much confusion over what cryptocurrency is and is not. Is Bitcoin going to $1M or is it going to zero? Why is it so volatile? How can it hold value? Even if you have no interest in purchasing crypto I think it is important to understand what it is and why it could be (as argued by the author) the answer to an unsustainable fiscal policy that prints money and gives power to those who control it.

  • Angie Birkeland
    2 years ago
    Best book to understand bitcoin!
    • Nate
      2 years ago
      I thought the discussion of economic policy and the entire history of money was fascinating. Even if you don't believe in Crypto it's worth that knowledge alone. Definitely worth your time.