I love Rabbi Kushner and the wisdom he imparts in this book. In a world where many are leaving organized religion, he shows us that the teachings of religion are still relevant and can help us through some of life’s most difficult challenges. I look forward to sharing more thoughts on this book but I love his closing paragraph from the first chapter.

“[Some] have found that religion as it has been presented to them throughout their lives is unworthy of either their intellectual respect or their emotional attachment. Their implicit deal with me is that they will take their religion more seriously if I can show them not how old and time-tested it is but where it can answer their most profound questions, questions about relationships, about life’s unfairness, about right and wrong, about revenge and forgiveness, and about the meaning and purpose of their lives…. When I was ordained a rabbi at age twenty-five, they told me I was ready to go forth and teach. The truth was, I was best ready to go forth and learn.