I’ve often thought that I should write down how I find the books I read as a way to find great books in the future. With that, I cannot say what drew me to this book. What I can say is that it was my favorite fiction book in 2018. I’m guessing that I read Greek mythology at some point in my high school career and I can hear my English teacher groaning at my lack of excitement over reading Homer’s Odyssey. But Madeline Miller changed all of that with her book that deservedly received numerous awards. She tells a fabulous story of greek mythology through the perspective of the sorcerous Circe, the daughter of Helios, the sun god. As the daughter of a god, she receives her immortality, yet she appears to have no powers. Later she discovers the powers of witchcraft and is banished to a deserted island where she crosses paths with some of the most famous figures in all of mythology. I thought the story was phenomenal, and therefore was quite surprised to find polarizing reviews on a number of sites. Despite that, I think the book is worth the risk because if you fall on the side of those who love it, you will really love it. I thought the audiobook narrator was so good, and maybe that’s what did it for me.