This is one of the finest written books I have ever read and I would describe it as a masterpiece. The prose is almost flawless and the writing is spectacular. That said, it took me a few chapters to settle upon those descriptive words. The plot is slow, and methodical, but you will be rewarded as you focus on beauty of the writing. Mr Towles takes you to Russia after the Bolshevik revolution where we meet Count Alexander Rostov, who has been placed under house arrest at the Hotel Metropol in Moscow. The story covers thirty years as the Count develops relationships with a diverse cast of characters that help bring meaning to a life that could have become dull and monotonous. Without a doubt the most compelling friendship (for me) is with a nine year old girl name Nina, with whom the Count goes on numerous adventures throughout the hotel. This book is witty and clever. It will make you laugh and a there’s a pretty good chance it will make you cry. It will definitely make you appreciate well-written literature.